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Sleep as been a horrible thing for us lately. Nightmares that we almost never remember keep kicking our butts. Consequentially we stay up all night afraid to go to sleep until daylight breaks. This would be fine if i were single.

I dunno.

The hard part is usually we can come up with some sort of agreement regarding this but for whatever reason no one wants to talk about whats going on. Often i get the kids pretending to lock their lips and throw away the key. again this inst usual for them

So I'm tired.

I do have an actual question....

How have others dealt with the i don't want to sleep you cant make me scenario?


we try a few different things.. mostly we try to get one person running the body when it's time for bed.. and we usually try for it to be the same person.. so it's a routine. take meds, drink water, brush teeth, bed.

Sometimes we journal before bed. if something's bugging us and we can't figure out what
or meditate/cast circle around our bed/room.. if it's fear then casting circle usually takes care of it..

sometimes we just have to pull dirty tricks and set up one of the autopilot programs.. to sleep while we work on stuff..

ahh casting a circle might help some.....
Lately, my insomnia has been really horrible, either insomnia or hypersomnia and nothing in between, due to many things I won't you bug with [when thinking about that, sleep is a @eek, what?@ topic for me lately generally]...

I took my guitar or sat with the piano and just played. Silently, for hours. Or went to read. But mostly just played, because with reading, I was too, let's say, dissociative to be able to concentrate on one thing. I dunno, maybe that is nothing that could help it... but if you're a musical type of guy/gal, you could try it.

Nat of N_L subsystem
I found that risperdal in small amounts has cut my startle reflex and therefore allows me to not react to every little sound when I am sleeping., I don't have the nightmares anymore and I dont wake up feeling like I ran a marathon! It also doesnt block the others from functioning. ...

January 2011

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