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Jan. 15th, 2011

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Welcome new Memebers !

Hi All:

We have just approved some new members - welcome. I hope we can
bring this community some good discussion !

--- MT

Jul. 22nd, 2007




Hi to all...  Some may recognize us, as we are in several similar groups.  We are a Multi-leveled multiple system, some call it a "super-multiple".  We do have PTSD, as I believe most DID's do.  We also are contented to be plural at this time, but have many trauma issues to work out.  Not sure what else to say, please feel free to ask us questions, add us as friends, or visit our journal(s).  (we currently have three, Subtle_Shadows, and Stormyones are in our system.)


Nov. 16th, 2006


Obligatory introduction.

I don't know if I have PTSD. In my time, there wasn't really a name for it. Just "shellshock."

Out of my system, I'm probably the one who needs to be here the most. The flashbacks have been bad, lately, and so help me if any of you make jokes about comic book men and their flashbacks I may well snap. Yeah, I'm "fictional." Doesn't make the fact that I've been having nightmares about my father's two deaths since I was ten any less real, does it? Doesn't make the fact that I'm here seeking help any less real, does it?

And yes, I said two deaths. It's a long story. One of them was directly my fault.

I just... it gets better, right? I'm not always going to be waking up in a cold sweat screaming, am I?

Oct. 16th, 2006




Sleep as been a horrible thing for us lately. Nightmares that we almost never remember keep kicking our butts. Consequentially we stay up all night afraid to go to sleep until daylight breaks. This would be fine if i were single.

I dunno.

The hard part is usually we can come up with some sort of agreement regarding this but for whatever reason no one wants to talk about whats going on. Often i get the kids pretending to lock their lips and throw away the key. again this inst usual for them

So I'm tired.

I do have an actual question....

How have others dealt with the i don't want to sleep you cant make me scenario?

Oct. 6th, 2006




I realized that I may not have done an intro here so...
I am the 33 yr old that mostly fronts. I go by Alex. We were many but through working with a very competent and compassionate therapist, those that were not whole or those who were done were able to go where they belonged. Those of us that are left function pretty well with very little time loss or disorganization. My fiance would argue with that but for me it is a lot better than a few years ago. We are the result of severe abuses as a child and the first few years of my adult life. We have learned to be safe -mostly- and how to trust and love. Being that I am bipolar as well, I have issues the others in here dont have... depression and addiction. The body has fibromyalgia also, probably due to the severe abuse. Unfortunately, I am the only one that can't block the pain... probably because I am the closest to the original.
Anyway, thats me we and us....

Oct. 3rd, 2006


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